And she breathes amidst these ungodly twisted and utterly delirious aside disheveled-upon-themselves vicious little demons – who mean next to nothing to her … aside so very suddenly enabling themselves … to the death knell
To manage to undeniably, no two ways about it, paralyze everything and anything fair distasteful – gilded ghastly within
Her painstakingly trampled upon trepidation simply remains, this unequivocally, respect garnered and unmatched thing, wherein a natural-born thinking-person’s blinkered ability, to finally fail to play the oh so agonisingly vacant part of the victim … falls away
The more-strengthened-of-two-evils took over, ’til she finally begged and borrowed from another person’s mind to pardon herself outright
The all-of-something steal
And she will continue to delve, delve, dig ‘n’ delve herself out from under beneath … like only one mistakenly placed, shaken dreadfully awry woman truly ever can manage to do … unfathomably gaining ground and picking herself up by this festooned collar … to bandage it all back together time and again
Remarkably reshaping herself ’til stood firesome ablaze, guided by an upright and slightly, perfectly improper stance-point … to hardcore concentrate and wishfully bleed herself dry right by the very last drenched bone of her screaming being … ’til covering over these decrepit cracks, re-configuring her seriously misshapen self again
When that particularly peculiar kind of blinding light relinquishes itself downright … and pales into insignificant significance
Y, these oceanically metaphorical eyes are bright and gilded minus the onslaught of a lifetime, plus the heavenly moonlight
Because, she is simply this living breathing levitating thing, with wings imagined ’til visionary painted upon
And then,
they hand her a pen and watch to witness it be the only other thing which begins to begin to begin to take her place … and bleed itself dry ’til unmistakably causing the whole wide world to stare perfectly upwards, to feel starry-eyed

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