Her mother takes her pretty little face and whispers in her pin-pricked ear
This has been meaning to happen, seems they’ve been meticulously tracking her whereabouts however unbeknownst
Next with the pencil skirt
The poet who has yet to truly know it – her compulsory wits have been notoriously split a thousand and ten times over, and this soft and slender shoulder will quiver, undeniably so, not to mention the coldest by many a rather unsavoury accord
A pearl necklace can’t hurt one bit either
She really ought to sit and watch the whole thing explode in a most contagious fashion, control her each and every reader’s quixotic eye
My, oh my, how we’ve been waiting for fate to play its all too literary card
Pardon the over-exuberance, the downright exactitude, but she is quite otherworldly, soaked in what’s miraculously bespoke
Of course, with a cigarette to choke these inner demons who will flap their dangerous wings nearby
A modern day poet with a rip-roaringly supreme imagination to match her crazed gusto
She is ever-knowing, adamant when there comes just the right time to mention it all
Go toe-to-high-heeled toe, tie it in a mind-altering bow of altogether sought after sorts – when the soliloquy flow catches you and gets to dance with you ’til the very end
Frightfully yours and all of this utterly reliant upon one such shy girl’s unquenchable wish to say it how it is
She dresses in multi-colours more oft than not to stress this need to breathe in a manner which most can, and will fail to ever achieve
She’s incredibly brave above all else
Now delve like your life depends on it because it probably does

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