I never got to sit with a pretty lady and breathe – to talk about all the things we dreamed of
A smile on her part stretching my imagination like never before
I pray that it has in fact all been relatively stored
What I’n trying to say here is that there has been a serious lapse, when something rather special somehow managed to amount to nothing
I’d give anything to be that kind of putty in those kind of hands – memorably manicured
For our day to say everything it might need to say – the perfect life, on a soliloquy knife-edge is just fine by me
I’m crying, trying as I might to gain the time all over again, sent from above, gloved in utter magic
Instead a tragedy has seemingly occurred
I dream of the most immaculate slur know to any man and woman – entirely consuming and the best thing to ever stitch itself on up – I’d make it all sincerely worthwhile
Please, please pour my way, and be sure as sugar to stay
Honestly, I just need to finally smile

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