A busied day as such, this particular Poet’s been trying, vying, to make that all-consuming difference
With his pages set in penny for their worth stone, a prone to be pretender, just like they like it
Nicely dressed, smart as a tack inside of tarantula black and all kinds of hellbent on creating a brand new way forward
Softly slaughtered the archaic English language only to bandage it back together one telling piece per exactitude time, he did indeed – subtle ’till it hurts in a most desirable way forward
Pause for perfect thought and let it all ride on aforementioned black
Tapestried in his own high-wired, seriously fragrant manner – when his particular words seem to make a separate sort of sense again
Pre tell
Mixed to unabashedly match akin to crazy, like nothing we may have ever seen
Drench their listening ear ’till it bleeds, Goddamnit

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