Sickly sensuous – pierced people with floundering eye-pieces of searing Evil

A sitting, chosen, and precariously pretty afterthought, we really ought to both appoint and anoint the pair of them a pair of soulful bearers

Truthfully beautiful aside petrified by picture-perfect portraiture of portrayal gathered and gained and brought back together forever – breaking the other reimbursed person apart by the twist and shriek of the wailing heart-string

Feels a little bit eerily twisted, don’t you simply think it, and a whole lot more worthless and desirably disgusting, but… a shameless must

No less intensified by the borrow and serenely set steal of a life less stressed – pressed comfortably against the lesser of two dishevelled people

Tip-to-toe and dressed in drips ‘n’ drabs of insatiable red, she poses the sort of threat that sets symphony to the darkening light which still murmurs so sudden and slightly – a break, a shake, a shift, a sway…
Of her idealistic French derriere

Yet, remember it well, she’s a crazy lady whip-smart and carries with her a beggars blade…

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