1 Smash grab and all about these wide opening Yuletide beginnings / might just miraculously manage to start at inordinately filling our high-end selves with high-end smiles which have been preciously palpated blissfully amidst

2 These wanton thistle-n-thorn birthplaces again = there appear to have been an innumerable countage of double-dosed people in it

3 And we, pernicious individuals, are endlessly pending aren’t we just must … we miraculously meet in the meticulous middle again, whilst momentarily both momentously amounting

4 To all out upper-class Clout – there are seemingly a million warmly lit people set in sizeable scripture and vehemently pressed sentimentally against / The ultimately untimely zephyr of pierced and problematic homelessness met with impending levels of lonely ol’ catastrophically imbalanced agony aside wide-awake Atrophy pl-ease …

5 Say it with-in the weight of these twisted Holocaust kisses of faraway theirs – ferociously flitting and (it) suddenly forever wilfully abstains from nothing so much all of that prestigious anymore

6 Opens the door and sprints right in – sinking to





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