He does wonder what they may think of his ambivalence and outright utterly ridiculous sense of momentary demeanour/ if they had seen it all, might they have even deserved a gracious plACE at the table

More able than the able-ness that also attempted to ChristAlmighty cRiPpLe him and to the core

Of his restorative state of suddenly survival: this man has walked and ran AND SCREAMED A TEAR or ten-thousand with these dirtier-than-thou Dostoyevskian demons (of his, really??!)

When they stamped and TRAMPLED upon his favourite, most imaginatively ———distanced dreams
Took his mind and minded NOT-AT-ALL, actually(!) to c-r-u-c-i-f-y and LOCK HIM BEHIND bars of a most mentally Misbehaving kind..

What we do to actually throw our lives on the line IS….

Way, w-a-y, wAy… WAY(!!) B-e-y-o-n-d and before the rebounding nature Of anyBODY else’s worldly iMagInaTiOn — actually matter of barefaced fACT, that is the truest case Alive(.)

This was the fearless fixation amidst the unforgettable disintegration of one adolescent Brain