They asked for it all this time / the whole kit and caboodle, the nine years of yearning yards that they all were..

Finding moments to mean:: pretty much.. anything which they seem. These fireflies are up all day and despite the nightly interference of sleeping happiness

They shall.. pass go again and then—- wonder when… the IT in all of this WILL allow itself to make utterly sense; possibly sometime
Down the
Line, a labyrinth stands weirdly still and acts equally EeRiLy. This was… their abstract attraction to their own sense of Spearheaded spotlight—

And they may. And might not jackrabbit on and upward and elsewhere that she can.. stand with her ballet fingers TwIsTeD in the most godforsakenly wonderful way.
No interest in praying but for the lUSt Of the BlOodSpRaY(!!)

—— “They say: “it meant the world to her.” That lovely level of hardWORD and HuRt