Prepare to reap whatever you sow
This glow between your nose too damn predictable, downright irrational
Supernatural surroundings albeit the come-down oh so seriously piercing – will steal your almost everything
You had a family and you blew it quite literally
No-one could ever so much as paint this hollowed out scripture
These seemingly pristine things trapping your hopes for a far better future
Left but an utterly downtrodden and ashamed being
Your colleagues are dead and buried, your head wedged so far on up your very own West Virginian ass it really is reckless
Incredibly so
Sure, you went toe-to-toe once upon a time way back when
But these drugs, so you know, were bound to implode in your pock-marked face eventually
And, now, all that you get to do is let yourself paint over-lavished make-up upon a down ‘n’ out stripper’s lovelorn face
Oh, the fall from shoddy, fuel-injected grace

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