Do it now
Please, just dry me right off!
‘Til I can come back all the stronger
Seems to me I have been longing for this
I mean, have I been somewhat remiss, perhaps…!?
Only relatively speaking, of course
I do indeed realise that I have you hoarse by this stage
Chomping at the absolute bit
Tweak me… so much as hit me, please!
Tease this floundering hatred on out of me
Truthfully speaking, it was spated on up inside of me right from the beginning
I never, ever meant it to be this way!
You need to understand that
I thought I was made for a whole lot more
Stauncher surroundings
But, nonetheless, I do seem to remain rooted to this particular spot
Utterly nauseating
I am oh so sorry
I do realise right now that it continues to pour on out of me to an horrendous extent, an unfathomable degree
Please, bring me some backbone-significance