So many ways to take this
Two completely separate lives going on all at once
Soon as she was but a young kid, safe to say, we sure had a hunch
A mesmerisingly shallow side, then a part which brought safety with it – only mile wide smiles
Seems to be entirely the case that she’d been left in the shadows
Of her own long and lonely demise
Disguised by doctors and their over-anticipated crazy pills
Enough to send anyone, let alone a home-grown and hellbent on destruction youngster, right the wrong way round
We never quite found her out, did we…?
Pummeled time again on into a ground utterly unwilling to cater for her feet
I remember it well, she bellowing out loud ’til those cows came home
And, as it turns out, that is exactly what we were, albeit frighteningly unaware
Only, of course, speaking in dreadfully unpunctual hindsight
Serendipitously unprepared
Sure she scared me, with her father’s razorblade snared over and over
Hoards of blood upon our best kept carpet; best kept secrets indeed
And sure I was upset
But hand upon my beating heart, I would not swap her for the world
Dressed for her Debs right now, draped in her grandmother’s favourite pearls
It took her and broke her, to a disjointed extent
But now, finally, we get to settle ourselves on in, this beautiful daughter, sent for the slaughter, perhaps
Bu it never bought her all of the way down
A dual best left to its own accord