You did though, you stole the whole of my unspeakable intelligence – I am not trying to be above myself yet that is your entire job

You just don’t discriminate, do you? Always resembling something with substance

Posing a most glacial threat amidst snow-dunes and peaks of deliria and pent-up regret

Yet you remain strangely reasonable yet stony to break, to bring one lost ‘n’ found person back to the appropriate surface again – silly little suffering somebody that I am, always have been… slipping, slipping into oblivious opinion set to sizeable seed

A majestical distancing, dancing, handsome, towering thing indeed that you felt yourself to be

Acrimonious and sanctimonious all in one far-reaching, -reacting go

Which speaks so soon as the weather inside of my silenced mind thrives right by your sentimental everything

Have your detrimental peaks been shyly whispering in my forlorn and suggestive direction?

Have to inescapably understand the need for this decidedly discretionary necessity

My bleeding hands which do intend to delicately dilute themselves amidst your behemoth taste for these deathly things are beginning to slip

But the winding winds which singularly shape the absailing movements inside of my thunderstruck body seem to have made up their own tendencies – singularly, sensationally

Together – to get her back to a safe, sweet haven

To stand tremendously tall as you yourself once were, oh my lord how the breathless comparisons let themselves show soon as perplexing ages are thought to be both taut and remarkably tough

These lovestruck diamonds meandering against the rough and ready undercurrent of our predisposed souls

Till that triathlon sparkle gains and gathers itself aimlessly someday, is this the complete clarity and eagle-eyed awareness that they solemnly told me to notice when I was standing stoic and vividly staring?

In the face of my cadaverous death…

I picked myself up enough times to admit that the climb to the top – imaginative as it may well have only ever been – caused me to fail, to shrug a cold shoulder in a most literal instance and to breathe like wildfire for the first and last

The higher I am challenged and I am inevitably slipping, can you not simply see it, feel its certain strength by my crippling feet

Whilst you attempt to repent for your last great mistake – battling with the slick and seeping stab at a deceptive masterpiece – and take all of me back to belonging

Screaming, scheming, landing at an immaculate place wherein, finally, I get to both cry and smile for myself, yet to forever remain…

Starry-eyed like all of those other dust ‘n’ bones people