A soft shadow then all of the necessary prearrangements, and then, all loose-ends knowingly extrapolated – the sworn-to-promise people can have it all awhile a show of hand for the lonely one if only
And her nemesis persuasive nature tends at capturing the chosen moment as though it were a million of them all wondrously rolled into the matter of fact fabrication of one scornful evening happenstance
It isn’t that it hasn’t endlessly occurred a thousand thankless times before… just that she failed to see it
And he sees that the opposing-ended she is attempting to bring it, string it, back together again – by the insinuating nature of the David and Goliath dress that she prepared herself to wear
A sudden softly spoken proposal of instantaneous opinion met with the handsomely suggestive incision of humor-instilled aphrodisiac
To sink ‘n’ blink ‘n’ fail to think of anyone else but for the fainting chair
The pair of them there pretty little feather-brained persons with insolvent souls already dug eagerly deep – from sickeningly beneath the soils of habitual times arising
Been exceedingly secretive soon as their newly branded habits get to setting a million passersby minds, rampant pulses singularly a-racing all by themselves
Till left vacuously strengthening everybody’s ransacked resolve
Superficially Sacrilege is this forbidden thing with the hidden etchings of cat-and-mouse whisperings midst this self-prescribed ritual
Twisted unshut, undisclosed behavior till the bleed of a second-hand bliss proceeds
At behind-closed-doors persisting
A commonplace, covert event, worth the shattering shape of a million frozen-cold heartstrings 

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