A concentrated hand holds its far-reaching hope against the weighing nature of all painterly prognosis. Oft undesirable and facetious for its whole ungodly gracious worth: one weakening word whispers, which will insistently be – to stay amiably “AWAKE!!” whilst the eagerness of an early am. kindly asks for fond findings of fiercely forged forgiveness… soon as when, then … the senseless individual will sink its teeth inner still, he submerges to purchase pieces of unintelligible yet zen-like officialdom, which can beg to turn and officially earn this utter sudden case of elaborate recreation. And, then … that direly need to breathe by intricate and hostile attitude suitably proceeds. Rather intrusive not to goose the gander at this outrageous stage of theatrical awareness. Right? Wrong!? Probably each of either.

None of neither.

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