He manages to break every next which rule, all while turning his world unofficially toward utter apprehension – the sting in the proverbial tale tells a truculent tale all of its own

A dyslexic man who breaks unremitting rules, causes people’s highfalutin opinions to drift away to next to necessarily nothing, time again

The non-stop, constant bouts of undeniable resilience when remarkably met with complete chaos
The makings which swarm gainfully amid manoeuvring, microscopic breakings – when a perfectly imperfect word starts to manage to make jarring sense again… and his juvenile eyes suddenly become decidedly anointed by

The cross-firing eyes
Of the equally magnificent microscope which holds
Far-reaching, -reacting hope for suitable hostage

Acting like an alien between these two glaring… supposed ‘individuals’
Who mischievously set themselves nervously together in this living, seething, mind-boggling thing
And it will have to last a very long while so that the eventually inevitable comeuppance shall suddenly become… so very rip-roaringly immaculate

So very long as he can hold his tremendous tongue at bay, settle that exploratory breath, all awhile he inescapably manages to both twist and tactically turn…

These minutiae figurines beneficially toward… meandering madness
Steeped in official magnificence – THEY SIT AND ASK FOR THIS.