Always loaded, good to go – one Chris Kyle
Honing on in, albeit to his beloved family’s absolute upheaval
We love this country so very much but they took him right away from us
Wholeheartedly – we soon finding this rather jovial joker’s mind to rewind far too oft to agonising freeze-frame moments in time – namely 4 Tours of Iraq, second battle of Fallujah
On the cell-phone to his wife Taya whilst racking on up a crazy number of kills – no kind of soothing pill whatsoever for this highly reckoned upon ‘legend’ by the end
For he will always get to treasure all of those saved, none too much these particular enemies who all too blindingly fell
Owing to they, each and every last one of them, taking out his battle-hardened friends
Brothers-in-arms rather
The proudest father known to man, both he and his own way back home – the first man to place a rifle inside of his minor hands
A surefire rifle to decipher the men from the boys – speaking of which: “DON’T YOU DARE PICK THAT FUCKING THING UP!” Take dastardly aim, rain down upon him if needs be – one man’s dangerously fleeting decision
Faces implode, wavering strolls encompassed down upon the field to yield any such furthermore turmoil
Curse these foreign soils, utterly unbecoming
Destroying his equally fastidious behind-enemy-lines sniper – a final bullet in jaw-dropping slow-mo, ’til disposed of entirely
Sadly finished off out there in the light of day
No bullets, no nothing, just one fellow war veteran adamant entirely on making a monstrously incorrect decision
Mental anguish all of his own accord
These medals ought to remember you for all of your worth
And rest-assure, I will always wear your favourite pink negligee come your every next birthday
For I promised I’d wait
Fate, my love…

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