Go again please – tease her until

the knife ending

These enigmatic and largely  unfolding unfulfilling days, wherein

the part that wholeheartedly matters needn’t do so much no more

A crossbow heart and sprinting sp-arrow – gilded gently both mentally amidst the strength both specified wait of a daftly delinquent’s eye-soar

Namely of than not of that which presses itself uttermost pained against – the teetering pressure points of her corrupt and non-negotiable face

Pretty-in-pink albeit otherworldly lopsided aside nobody else’s favourite best ice-queen


to the highest bidder – sits with her, he who feeds by her agonised summarise upon a life

best left imaginatively forgotten and prone



Editorially alone. And all

wrapped up with-in this cordial


ordealistic invite – just. might. end. up. being. returned. to. sender.

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