Full with the effervescent flow and an author knows – The way of these naughtily nocturnal misbehavement days.

Both ways have been gently tethering theirs and their shredded nerve-endings. And it hasn’t to have been completely understood either, nor mightily made-up for that matter. Not for now, not maybe never, ever again!! Does it though?

Created insatiable and with an unerring level of aforementioned effervescent cravings put tastily upon the analytical artist’s high-end part.

That touch themselves both momentarily and dutifully … Atop of the radiating under-beneath

The bubbled, thirsty surface of these bleeding, blood-frozen people …

Means War, top-drawer – wherein

All of the deadliest instruments lie… Wide-awake and ready, for ever

Remaining dutifully dead to the rest of us embittered and highly embargoed people

When it simply means weaning yourself off… slowly, surely… uttermost posthumously

Probably an other centuries favourite best problem.