The locomotive intelligence that caused the weight of the train-wreck

When the might of one mind matches the demons inside – with a forensic examination all they shall find is the pretty paint

A Niagra of wit stands frozen to the bone via the width of the Winter winds
A thousand differential avenues of outright and utterly debilitating hostility – this is the standing man lain angrily astride an unerring canvas smacks of complete bouts of procedural paralysis midst an undeniably imbibed array of thankless over-indulgence resounds right by that insightful look of nocturnal disenfranchisement

Sent to soar – sore rather, and the state of the night skyline continues to climb louder than this thinking man can way back inside – back, back beyond it all and he will shyly ask for her naked body to bend, beneficially break against all of the old authentic rules of thumb

This thumb, his thumb, and gently leant toward the story that sits suitably segregated upon a stool about to spool and spill before that thrilling canvas again

Met at the insistent incision of a locomotive brush still stood perilously still… could not make it up even if he had have tried harder than that to match the pain with the paint with the weight of his descriptively handsome dancing easel

Which translucently speaks in red ribbons territory, aforementioned only not so pained to process and proceed
The good promiscuous behaviour swims sordidly within midst mightily nourishing soundbites of smoke and screen mirrors which will forever push to shove to tenderly touch

The four corner walled height of the dedicatory skyline

Finally impending, expanding, this double-standard doom all the gloom intertwined that can never disappear even when he soundly sleeps with the shape of his favourite best syllables singing inside

Staring mercifully inside of her landlocked eyes and violently remembering when he was a normal child

Only minus that imploring brushstroke plus simplicity gone comfortably awry – thankfully
Only then, his adolescent breath catches itself out again – all over a jaded broken body of champagne bones which shall still scream midst undeniable levels of exceptional brilliance

Personally unmerited bleeds till stood substantially still
When everybody else and their favourite best friend speaks in sweet succinct sinking whiskey-sniffing syllables, whilst all awhile – upside down smirk smile – he continues to scream nervously within

This is the only life that he can know of and it looks a lot like a beautifully dilapidated favourite best building put upon conscientious flame

More than a superstar – therein lies the swollen stolen auditorium of dreams mislaid and electrified

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