Paused thought, a gather of garrulous lucidity, an honorary exception to many an about to be broken Rules. – who’s been bothering to have’em at all!? Just the inconsequential death by daren’t of an artistically inclined, more-so cloned societyOf thieves With their rhapsodic and rapier beliefs, what have ye not, but for next to absolutely nothing but artificially imagined Everything wherein

The golden shooting shape of the unabashed and creative Sun holds its own face: inflamed and passionately.. lucidly, Against//\\ the peeling wide-shut of a billion people’s Mind’s Eye, where-even “the poor” get to process pristine beauty

Now, people- with their needle-thin, nimble-quick fingers settled either side of heavenly in-between

Is it to be Gargantuan banknotes or musically magnificent instruments? You choose, or you lose… … because either way, the accordion plays midst dilapidating delay