Divided eyes between a right time and a wrong place – her mind has been terrifically superior, tip-toeing over these cutthroat people carrying with them fierce inferiority complexes

Harpooned and opinionated knives dropped, dripping by deceitfully deceptive sides – mismatched territory asked for this insipidity

To have aside to undeniably have not, she feels she owes it to the whole wide birthing world again – a truth that nobody else can ever upset themselves and see

Strapped to her very own – on her own – homegrown system of a sweetly constrained and satisfactorily constricted supernatural individuality, and they speak and whisper and secretively say that she’s been blessed by what’s fantastically fabricated from surreal and otherworldly

A beautiful thief in the middle of the translucent night, she is way up there playing She-Devil with the winking moon all on its own, while we continue to play at play-pretend way down below, where everybody cries contagious paralysis midst white, white lies

Fending for their fickle, never-say-hi selves til bolstered right by the end of their elongated and misshapen tethers

They belong forever together, whereas she is only just beginning to meet heaven right by the middle of its worshipping whisper again

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