It has to fall under the category of strange, as far as mental disorders go. I mean, many, many OCD sufferers, and often even at their best on a mental note, will still have to sit with a level of anxiety caused by a part of the brain which isn’t working the proper way it is supposed to do for people. What that means is that we literally have to experience trying to live with a begging to be enthused and, what’s more, entertained imbalance whereas there will also be the part of us which will always have to wonder.. “what would it actually be like to… not have that particular imbalance of the brain happening?” It is THAT separate from our real minds and personalities, somehow. As in, we as sufferers cannot always know when it is okay to feel calm, to just do nothing, because, as I say, often at best the disorder is right on top of us and, often too, if not exactly causing us severe and pummelling anxiety all the time in knocking our thoughts way, way, way off centre and distorting it all, it does make getting to that place of… a normal minded thought process and what that might entail exactly a fairly impossible endeavour. It’s not impossible to live very, very well with OCD, though, and any sufferer truly worth their salt will know that to be true one hundred percent. It’s just that the mental work and resilience that needs to be done time again is really… second time none. Like we are having to roll the dice each and every time with our minds whilst having to just sit, stand, talk, whichever really, and wait etc. etc. for our brains to not only not feel this outlandish level of discomfort and inevitable, really, fear factor continuously occurring, but for it to start actually feeling… yeah, normal. Remember that this is a normal which we do not possess inside of our imbalanced brain in the first place. That is the ultimate goal for any OCD sufferer to get to, and, by God, do we try like crazy for just that elusive thing. To turn what’s relatively elusive into relatively tameable for our minds and brains 😊