The bad actor acts out of hand, whilst the greater one lends a listlessly listening earpiece to these curious things. Absolute comfort in his delivery of sheet after sheet of spontaneous portrayal – readies himself/herself to become at one with another.
The bad actor shall assume a most peripheral role, his brand new nemesis intending to curtail all the correct characteristics which secretively swim and speak of these forbidden things, endlessly expressive feelings caught in a creative nutshell.
And a lending stage awaits, built out of bare bricks and borrowed mortar and wishing to freely belong. To one of another, not all that walk at the ogle-eyed centrepiece will gain the most valuable round of trusted applause. Pause for intended thought here, dear people.
Held here for the kinship of a real genius, who will take their role and own it, carry it, create it and process and proceed. With a valued part of themselves given all the ways over – when methodical becomes otherworldly at being exponentially pronounced.
Midst utter comfort worshipped by distant dancings of complete high jinx and crumbling chaos – that rolling ambidextrous chasm of undeniable behaviour. Tasting the flavour – favour – of repeat-and-rewind till it all starts to make mediocre sense of itself again and for one first time realising itself to be.
Radically, realistically, treasured.
All of the humming and hawing in the whole of the wide-eyed and thirsty universe has to have meant something meaningful by the curtained ending, right?
If only we knew… just how hard it is to break… that particular glass ceiling… all of the glass feelings
Only ever as special as their next great role, so, please, stroll to the surface of your pervading nature and feel our minds of many an unmade up thing
Begin to developmentally meet it at the demonstrative middle
Been rolling our thumb – wrapped in Havana rum – for the lonely circumference of falling pretenders