Poise and reflect is to perfectly object – to the swollen size of her encyclopedic eyes

Living, breathing, about-to-be wondrously ambivalent aside universal and thirsty to tether and taste

A piece of sweet, silenced, often a sordidly set success that shall both can fall-tall with the racing pace…

Of this both bookish and boorish “page” which has to have been feverishly both fiendishly interjecting… till it softly digresses to solemnly suggest
Just such a try-hard and venomous thing

Is to viciously speak within the bare-knuckle realm of these whip-smart, upstart tongues – The. Only. One. Who. Knew. The. Real. Route. To. Unearth. The. Fruits. Of. The. Eagle-Eyed. Truth.

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