They were inevitably inebriated at the state of elemental procrastination. They were even done with this type of thing >> these types of ScenArIo-enticing TyPoS though(!) tryhard as they ALL are…

… Hard (for us) to have known just what it was, though, that took their juvenile breaths away… “it paid for us, actually, to’ve entered into yet another state of distinctive awareness and if that means

Needing to merely remain:: utterly impossible to understand, then SO BE IT… .” Let them goddamn be:: these kinds of people of channelHoPpInG intellects.

Even if:: Respect had been lost and on utterly chosen purPOSE. “And IF we must—->> then we absolutely WILL….. .. .”

And IF(!!!) they prolonged themselves yet again… then they REALLY must’ve prolonged everybody else. They are, and were, past the point of

Undeniable disposition, and we seem to’ve very nearly comprehended their way of thinking without blinking: that… pause for, aHEm thought thing of

Social security actually. It’s come to this for them- at a moment of utter interaction and it will. Not. Ever. s-t-o-p massaging its own stage of Mind

They’re truly NOwhere near what we wished for ourselves to’ve been, and that’s about AS real as it can NEVER get actually; remarkable people aren’t all too often self+aware as to the stirring, stay awake nature of their VERY+own preparatory and unFoLdinG StOry

Although… if it has to unlock its own lockTIGHT deMEANour then why not(??):: “let their mentioned stories be these

—>> lean-IN and ThInKtAnK things which climb colossal mountains minus even trying.”