If they stole emotions then they definitely stole key moments of masterful awareness. And if we were listening to the(se) decent people at a million syllables per hour, well then..

we may just
Have brushstroked YETanother all-sorts of Cacophonous+cacacaCANvasBackToGET-HER(..) “It isn’t easy to figure it all… in again; and when..

They restyled the ShaPe oF tHe wholeWiLdWorld we did the otherOPPOSITE.. NO, NOT THAT(!!!) but the OTHER type. of. thing.”

We elongated our reverberating sEnTeNceS(again) and dAnCeD as If:: no one else mattered to everyoneELSE’s ((sense of)) attention to detriMENTALDETAIL… AS some mother’s..

. . .

Long~~~))foundDaughter sought to settle a knife d-E-€-P=inside and GLADLY~SLAUGHTER::: “exactly what that mediocre ‘father’ hadDONE===To deSERVE=nothing.

A.single_THING+ except for the state of his favOURite fucking dreams

|||||| Picket white LIES, “oh my”: when even her tears can cry, That’s a disgusting dyNASTY to have been and SEEn.. …. HIM BLEED so upROARiously AT THE SEAMS of an

Explosive throat… remote – “she rows… a most isolated boat UP A RIOTOUS RIVER WHICH NOONE else

SHALL EVER GET TO understand… .” When she was built to comprehend the incredibly incomprehensible, and she became ultimately self-dependable and sitting with this match…

About to STRIKE: the Life into another set of self-delirious rUlES of utter cigarette-kissing entitlement