Comforting chaos is exactly what she knew; this unbelievable insight followed insistently, incessantly by lugubrious foretold procedure

That girl forever swans about with her malfunctioning mind for her favourite instru-mental friend – and we feel her, every next incrementally estranged piece

She will breathe with tobacco-tarred lungs for industry, suck ’em ‘n see the other wild side whilst she frees herself from this tainted-upon underbelly

Flicked right couture shoe, who knew… we did in fact, matter of spectacularly aimless misogyny and he seems to have been left waiting… wanting, crying his adolescently depressed eyes right the way out of gentlemanly fashion again…

And, suddenly, she sees a pen – prey tell oh enviously enigmatic one of ten people lying mildly within one strenuous mind

Multiplied by k-i-n-d – softly speaking, she is a violent thing; a living, dreaming, ultraviolet entitlement put upon worn-out wheels

Fashionably f-r-e-e, to think for thee / and made up in mismatch mascara / man-made / parade – take penetrating aim, please

Who will she blame last… or perhaps the least!?