And you know I’m on my own and I’m dancing with the ghost
And she’s all that I dreamed for
Pretty Little Eyes sandwiched between hers and mine – kaleidoscopic supreme set to configure to match two lovelorn, nonetheless altogether industrious beings
Gargantuan upheaval
Shall we play this peculiar Game yet again
A smile so damn delicious I could eat it dry to the bone
We’ve been meaning to meet, pound our collaborated feet to the memorised ground that we walked hand-in-hand for so very long
Once upon a paralysed everything
Not a sound to be murmured but for this breathing twinkle glistening within my knowing eyes – when what shrinks blinks its way back to fantasised life
From no more than marble-sized pissholes in the snow to thawed out marveled at instruments all of their own
I’m fucking over, under, owning her
And she’s all that I can do to smile right back at you – ethereal existences
Relinquish this, relinquish to disappear