I guess you could say that they’ve been looking for a sense of outlandish representation, and EVEN if, AND how IT happens: we plow on regardless of anything else, REALLY

—WiseEyedBeyondThisMindField of upside-downNOW, deceitful, diagnosis-packaged L-I-E-S(!!) “Why, Though, should-both-shALL they need to NOT know, actually..

How the cookie f*cking CruMbLeD: to a most magnificently imagine-FUELLED halt.”

These ARE the actual exactSAME sane-fACEd moments of thunderstruck and houndedDOWN despair ‘Til tWisTed abrUPtly amidst//

… … … The NO-NEED-FOR-anymore-PAIN, please:: of THAT DOSTOYEVSKIAN MASTER-PEACE. And crafted from—-)

Out of Next-To-Nowhere(!) “They have stopped… taking account of the insurmountable”