They’re tempting fate by tempting the countdown of the damn dastard clock now: all Triggers Have Been Left To Do

Their dAmnDaMnEdEsT and it seems to feel Eerily as if

The whole wide world had been watching them- as their minds follow the endless anticipation. Of mentally illogical slaughter. On and on. And ON..

They are heroic in a personalised inSTANCE of uncontrollABLE.. control, actually. They have saved the flag to WaVE it AWAY time again, although —

They do need to know: that they are as close to ‘perfection’ in the GOODEST seNse imaginable, even when they HAVE IMAGINED everything…

Place down your guns now, dear friends— either side of each beating chest. Let the sway of sweat
Because —
What you did is

“Incredible.” NEVER have these words been so very simple: childlike, if we will

Remind ourselves of what we were once-upon-a-time