Yet. They spoke of themselves as though it ALL made maddening kinds of

Hypocritical Sense: somebody else seems to have earned themSELVES a trustworthy crUSt today, and it feels

All a little dutifully lovely and CERTAINLY fucked-UP but.. and remember to recall exactly THIS THING, please(?) That we’ve ALL-OF-US-BEEN:: to the back of the behind and, then.. without a shadow of a Doubter’s Doubt,

“We shall GO(!!)” again- with our game face readily AND warily prepared… our mindsets about to FEEL THAT motherfuuuucking THREAT:::

“Now. Do it, do it… DO IT(!!) Let then set-fire To His HoStilIseD MiNd… a million TIMES!!!!” Because.. when someone turns toward utter purpose for… paused thought?

THAT IS WHEN, everything and everybody didn’t need to make Any Such SeNsE.