And previously prone to earmarking themselves out from the rest- these shy, silly little pre-nocturnal animals who’ve been leaving themselves ably unforgettable anymore

Face-first, forge-forward, unobservant alcoholics sometimes: And perilously prone (yet again) to becoming these posthumorously remembered people and agonizingly recalls

All of their slip-shodding, nasty little over-thoughts via momentarily mitigating circumstances. Upstairs within-wherein the realm(s) of a heightly heaven above will push for a scintillated shove of some eager-faced sort indeed

Only ever brings with them – this time – an outlandishly outdated and loveless talent that shall attempt to both vain-glory soar and rigorously restore

Their fearless fate in many a hybrid tryhard thing. Humankind, only ever thrice as spliced, eagerly both seriously set at an inhumane level of creative re-awareness, both glory-faced decomposure… … .That repetitive soul-singing soldier that will ceaselessly search amidst serendipitous seizure to seize a better piece

Of this, it’s perfectly premature peace aside solvently suggestive quietude. Yes, indeed, be rather rude not to advantageously advance, don’t we simply illy think it, too? And for all that we can gather to care anymore in this whole snide-eyed world, it should push itself at a vainglory, welterweight pace.. til involuntarily acting-up til left itself standing seriously above

Anybody else anymore- Such a shocking, shy-hard shame not to feel it for free though THIS TIME. These gracious albeit oft than not also weatherbeaten faces which will forever sting themselves til sitting vacuous, lazily letharged and crazily insane -via Whiskey dearest’s sweetly finest: Living, seething Entrapment=supreme… and places itself irreconcilably put-back-upon a flitting both fitting.. flirting entrapment of masterful bankruptcy

That utter, most decadent and courageously corrupt, liquidly succinct, middle-fingered musical note SometimesWhich will forever fathom and float: for itself and Bluecollar back

Above and somehow, for now, anyhow, and never ceases to amaze: These tightly constricted snaked lips which will preciously press together themselves again!!!

And gainfully gain to gather and barter til left themselves beneficially speaking——————————————————–“Just how f**king far should We actually fall this particular time in Our life.. with Our blood-riddled, bluecollar bodies pushed argumentatively againstThe Wall

Their eyes are constantly crying and asking for peace of us to DieDry inside… … …