They seem to be sitting here for all of a downtrodden eternity – have to simply wait impatiently and see exactly where this particularly colourful thing may tend to taking them
On a smile and a surefire whim, fire us on up when it is entirely unsuspected, did I so much as neglect to mention that these backbones are peculiarly well aligned
Find the time and they will soar on into your enticed vision – 20/20 sentimental to the very last touch and serendipitous feel, these people are shark-eyed for sure, longing for pure and unadulterated bliss swarmed right by these boisterously equipped lips
Prepare to peel these wickerwork eyes right the whole way open, bedraggled surroundings a serious thing of the lambasted for all of the incorrect reasons past
Soon as they take the time to relax, unwind and lukewarm dine to a point of utterly unforgettable upheaval – steal all of our senses which have been poised to tantalise like it is the easiest occurrence in this whole known world of ours
Experience has to count for something aside incredibly everything, settle your vocal chords – Say When – for everyone is listening