He wipes his sticky-outtie eyes and smiles
He’s trying to be courteous, to falsify the whole damn glorious thing – real when no-one sees him, just about the biggest flame-haired clown soon as he is pushed to take his place upon the pantheon of so-called dreams
Square-eyed albeit relatively concentrated, some will point fingers and roar “SEDATED!!”
He really couldn’t care less
This is just him, the way he needs to breathe
A monstrous cigarette to cause a stir, make these yes-men quiver, silence their wandering minds
Blinded by his outright audacity to live out their each and every cordoned-off dream – these crying shame lies, tied in a fucking deceitful and dire bow
We all get to know just how the cookie truly does crumble
Soon as they are sat at home, multi-coloured over-embellishments of their crazed selves
He’s been meaning to remain a caricature of himself, to appear to be everyone’s best kept secret

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