One such evening when everything made a little more sense
Stretching our imagination, stereotypically perhaps but all the more mesmerising for it
So very still – the dark of night.- ’til one Sylvester Malone poured on in, setting fire to our long forgotten rear-door
Plied us all entirely
With enough Guinness to finally meet everyone inside of this one-horse-town halfway
Sure hadn’t he already paid for too many sins to ever really remember
And right now, owing to the untimely demise of his grandiose father, we all, one at a merry time, opted upon placing an utter grudge to one startled side
Setting absolute fire to human nature all over again
Sylvester no longer a stranger down on his luck, allowed to tuck on into one such lonely pub’s very own lucky penny
Pretty and astute, boots which would send him oh so straight if ever he opted upon straying
Pay for your sins all over again if needs be, dear boy
A certain sort of fire all of her own boiling up inside
Stay here just one night, I mean… if you like, Sylvester!!?
He looked at her and smiled completely
Was that a question which just left her lips!?
No-one had asked him nothing in years