Art doesn’t have to be ‘complete’ anymore. It just needs to get all of the artist’s approval, be it momentary and pleasing or a fleeting with time kind of a… plastering over the eventual cracks. Then will come the re-edit, or not. Art that inspires can sometimes be the scattered art, art that looks as though it took the artist no time at all. It always takes some kind of time – and neither does that time have to be cessation be spent looming over the actual canvas at hand. People see a red dot on a white canvas and shout, “I could bloody well do that!!” But they don’t, do they? They don’t know for a split-second what might just go on behind the scene. Behind that particular creator’s vision for a particular piece. A real artist, for me, doesn’t care what certain people think whatsoever, and also manages to monstrously care what certain people think about their art. There are the undeniably creative-minded, who let themselves in on the whole rouse(it’s a lovely and honest rouse, don’t worry)and then there are those warring, warbling bastards who think they are not meant to be creative when, really, they’re crying out for both a drive and sense of creation as much as anyone else. So, yeah. The people that end up constantly creating, even those who might not make it to the top of their particular cultural ladder regarding either a financial or famous gaining – because money talks, and money is an art form above many – are absolutely those that deserve the credit. To be hugely both feared and worshipped. Of course they make the world work. I don’t honk that’s any secret, is it? Only reason they might have to wonder is this statement true is because they might be too open-minded to faults and, as a result, too humble to see it that way. Just that they seem to be placed in a packed bracket… perhaps like some people hate a certain place because “the people there are all the fucking same!” So fucking idiotic a thing to be attempting to express. The telly you watch, the pictures on your walls, the cinema. The paint around said walls. Bus stop advertisements, home furnishings, games consoles, sports gear and equipments: it is all a drop in the ocean of zillions and trillions of tangible objects created by, well… creative people. So, try hushing up and appreciating the exact same thing that you wish you could do in some shape or form, and stop bickering… start buying. Or at least start going a little bit deeper. It’s not a contest, yet there will always remain artists, too, who go too far altogether and eventually lose themselves and, then, they may as well be the same as the bickering bastards in the beginning.

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