Fresher, more eager than a giant ball of spitting fire
You were always one to partake in the words of the liar
Take them back, disintegrate
spark ignite
Set alight those things that really matter
You’re coming home with me
Play it cool/outshine the fool/for yuletide is nigh
I am on my own now we could be helpless
Shrouded, allowing the time for smiles a mile wide
Take back the ceiling
Feeling unmistakably ugly we’ll make our own way back
A line of lonely men disheartened
Stupid little floundering obstacles where a woman can create a stable way
Directionless naked and haphazardly emotive
Within the banks
of sunshine
You’re gasping inwards shielding yourself from people with their misshapen sword fights, remember one thing to always ignite
Set alight