Excellence starts in suggested syllables of suddenly so very softly sanguine perspective sometimes – it is a brave little BIG BAD-ASS world and they cannot but

Entice their morning-time eyes Back. To. Life. This is NOT the thing which they might think IT TO HAVE always BEEN(!!) Not EVEN a closer second reckoning; and, yet…

Barb-wired minds WILL SUDDENLY SUGGEST-TO-FIND: themselves a-c-t-i-n-g equally coquettish AND OVERTHETOP tantalised-

By their (Very!) own sense of, there it is again… SANGUINE HABITUAL re-AWARENESS

We have stared down the barrel of a dust-ridden gun, only to rIoToUsLy rEaLiSe… …that there IS NOT SUCH BULLET ANYMORE(…)

Just an opening of Dostoyevskian and Distinguished door Back. To. A. Brand-New Future. Oh, though… how we DO approxiMATEly appreciate the utter AND ultiMATE furore ALL-OF-THE-MORE