A little or a lot, who ever really knows
These words will forever get to press themselves
Then slip all too jaw-droppingly equipped from these painstakingly poised lips
Constant flow of jovial nonetheless
One boisterous and bottled message at a masterfully instigated time – he’s been replicating all of these precious things swimming within yet again and again
You will wine and you will dine in absolute flavour-filled time, whilst he brings it all to the table
Rapturous applause following his each and every next chime – sublime a thing of the past, this is different, perhaps a level above
He will push and he will shove – a mind-game like no other
No lapse in memory, just a necessity to feel it all
Standing oh so devotedly tall ’til entirely rubbing you up the right way
Rest assured minds will splay themselves oh so fastidiously, fair evenly
Precarious at first, the outright thirst for meeting him right at the middle all too impressively unequivocal
Unmatched and he always hatched a surefire plan

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