It isn’t particularly that they did not enjoy their own sense of self-esteem, nor that they were being forcefully brutish and on utter purpose. What they’ve seen is.. quite an incalculable thing actually—-

Of interspersed levels of H-A-R-D hatred and stiflingly collected and collaborated denial, as we fend for our grEATer state of (Christ-Almighty) selves, as they

shall need to: spontaneously elect to singlehandedly EleCtRiFy
All of their favouriteBEST people; it IS hectic HERE and it is, probability would have it, an unREAL feeling..

“BLIGHTY almighty(!)”
Of both Giving AND STEALING from them-there layabout people again ..

Share it(.) “Rear it.” And most c-e-r-t-a-i-n-l-y CrAfT (DAFTlyBack=together) your very own spring-in-your-step portrayal – to this ONE(and only)lonely ‘OL UniQuE and LOUD-spoken ((little)) wOrLd

Which talks a HELLuva lot like it’s about to go PONDERSOMELY asUNDER and WANTS for ALL of the (weirdest of) CATCHphrases and plunging of words


Say goodbye ferociously infuriated and equALLy influential people to this DAFTly aWrY PeN now, please: for it does in=DEED appear to NOT need to sEeTHe ATALL anymore — .

Than you mIght need to ultimately adore the outside world. Of yours