Mark his every aimlessly, seemingly so uncontrolled word – world
Not just about performance – but the full fucking frame

Now, play it!!

Time to find an ultimate, untimely shine somewhere wherein – within this singular sensation, perhaps? A lethargically enhanced lapse in secular segregated conversation.

Enormous sabre-tooth wolves which shall chase his pack of marvellously well strayed angels ‘n’ rather mistakenly demons. Each one of the other person’s sugar-coated imprisonment – meant to be this singularly superficial thing, indeed
Til altogether alternatively suggested / someway, someplace suggestive again … poised sacra-sanctimoniousness pen places itself

Ink-well robbed ‘n’ ridiculously red-ribbon-instilled
And suddenly, finally, fuck-knows-how getting itself ready again, recklessly so, to racing at break-neck speed

To break the nose … take the grip of the shadow-cast neck and breathe … at paramilitary pace, please.

Take mother-flustered heed – and see
Something from some kind of all sorts of undeniably contrived nothingness anymore worthwhile than anything else that may have came before …

Although, although


Unbelievably worth her impending, prearranged, interpretive, self-automated smile by the nerve-ending.

Sending this all of the way from H-E-L-L.

Spell-binding, blinding, unwinding til magnificently binding it all back together again and at handsome-handed pace, bless his flustered, fuck-knows-where face anymore than the next great pretender with pen lent gently against its whispering self and at forever prey-pretend. This is a motherfucking under-investment for themselves above all of anything else.

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