Those lips – when promiscuous adultery poses a most singular threat and one girl simply shan’t help it

All male libidos alarmingly intensified by the darkening light – when one German girl poses to sumptuously suppose a candid thing of hidden beauty and the truth will suddenly begin to envelope us whole

Any man who shall hold her close can simply wish to own her outright – this wonderfully estranged sight of dutiful punishment and undeniable fixation, all shark-eyes rightfully arisen midst endless degrees of sexual innuendo

Appears to be that we are all of us a smouldering hot cesspool of softening soldiers soon as our clothes hit her floor

She will bare her teeth while she warms our unrequited souls, tenfold and too many at a time to ever reckon to mention – why not do ourselves a fiercely wicked favour and meet her at the erection of the wailing crossover, come a little closer…

Radiate our hidden dreams
Til touching the scintillated surface of our queen of evil

Let me be the futile focus of her unquantifiably mysterious being, til letting myself surf the wipeout wave of Annie’s wanderlust creation…

Where lovers go to lie between the sordid intertwining of screaming sheets like it’s the most precious procedure in the wide world
Because it is

To kiss her lips is to bring yourself back by reckless reasoning
Seems she’s been thinking, and she might like to live as though ’twere her last day on earth

They say it hurts the most when pretty people rule the roost of inescapable misbehaviour

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