Introduction to the poem and the poem ‘Eyeliner’
First with the gentle touch of man-made mascara, and only then for the decidedly softest of touches of eyeliner
Always with the eyeliner was… Enda Forbes
A glance out of the window from his bedroom at the back end of his parent’s house and he had to wonder what on earth anyone might get themselves to thinking if they ever caught him in mid-act
Although, catch him away, really, because soon he’d be up on the local stage showing every single man, woman and their beautiful daughters the real Enda Forbes
A cross-dresser of innermost elegance and forthright standing – a ‘man’ who had always longed to be a woman if nothing else for it
This could of course go one of two seriously differing ways
Either it makes or it breaks the boy in two – hard as that might well become when you are already broken in two pieces of the same person as it goes
His minds play tricks with everybody but themselves, stressed into outward procrastination – an utter unwillingness to see these peripheral things
Because he was the layabout lady, the girl of the moment with all of the fragrant curls aside whip-smart movements of many a Hollywood beauty
To see him was to be him, was to finally feel him both her – a mesmerising made-up mismatch of ulterior motivation
The son of a soldier with a mother’s tendency to run in the other direction, when they failed at stopping themselves at nervously correcting him both her – daddy dearest’s nerve-endings strained ’til strenuously shredded at the bleed of the teeth, while his duo of dedicated sisters played with his hair till to care was to be the odd-one-in again
Three sisters as supposed to one side-order of dutiful brother, and, so suddenly soon, she starts to feel devilishly real…