I closed my yes and went with it
Everything was gonna happen at will
Otherwise I’d end up troubled
Caught inside an anxious bubble
But I wasn’t gonna burn the candles at both ends
Just yet
Drink too much, end my night comatose/overdosed on pills
Didn’t think about the need to make the rent
The logistics of it all
If I was gonna fall
I’d fall
Make my own way back
Turn it all into a game
The good, the slack
‘Cos everything can’t turn out perfectly
Something I’m slowly but surely starting to see
Starting to sing
It the rooftops
But only the ones inside of my head
The monster’s still there
Still sitting, staring sternly over at me
From his red hot chair
Closed my eyes and went with it
‘Til the gormless fucker gets outraged
Has an absolute fit
A taste of his own medicine
He’ll drop his pitchfork
Put his hands up
That’s what I’ve been looking to hear for oh so long
From the ‘man’ who did nothing other than steer me completely wrong
So what do I do with my time now
Get a job
If there are any
Party hard-ish
Spend a pretty penny
I know I’ll always be sick
But I hear it’s all about directing my particular ship
What was it my friend said again
Oh ya
You can’t direct the wind
But you can adjust your sails
Good guy
A great guy
By my side all the time
There when I need him to settle an all too choppy tide
Centre align
I’ll do the same for him
Another thing I gotta do is retract myself from the worries
That I never wanted a part of anyway
How do I do this
Feel my feet
If needs be gnash my teeth
So here I sit
Almost but not quite ready to take on the world
Land that book deal
Turn the tides and for the first time ever manage to dip a hand in my pocket
And pay for my parents meal
Enjoy the ride along the way
But right now here I’ll remain, here I stay
‘Til I find enough God damn money in my wallet to pay