I’ve been giving it my best shot
The poems are selling even if that was never, ever going to be the easiest thing in the world to do, is it still rather absurd to think that everyone and their mother might want a piece of me, especially in the beginning
Maybe this is the part where I go about trying to turn the business side of things into a fine art all of its own, meet people half way, a phone call put through to the Fota Island Resort, a 5-Star accommodation where I’m sure there is more than enough room to fit one of my poems
Be it they place it alongside the sink so that they will always have their customers thinking outside the box, or somewhere near the mammoth pool out back, I’d be proud as punch to get my name inside those doors
A poem on each and every floor sure would read sublime
In time perhaps
But I see that I will need to build something of a persona behind the writing, I’ll still be more than happy to write personalised ones for mounds of families to place inside their home, have the aforementioned fighting over the need to land one of my poems
All about building a persona ’til mine becomes a name on everyone’s lips, they knowing full well that I’m fully-equipped when it comes to the matter of writing what needs to be written so as to take their description over the line
Maybe get to meet the management over a nice and dandy, not to mention costly bottle of bubble
Now that would be lovely