It’s this… that.. and any other thing actually of intricately adventurous anomaly and their minds are Ultimately.. actually fine and perfectly ImProPerly persuasive.

Nervously? Who knows anymore
It’s… The bones of NoOne else’s business – isn’t EVEN their living, SEETHING beeswax. We’ve very nearly knitted our eyes and hands and aforementioned minds back neatly together again, this particular particle of time… ..

And we aren’t in-fact at all TimId, just… maybe

Dying to desire it all at the same stage of entrance and suggestive tone of aforeMENTIONED time —

The TONE has been off and soft AND on utter purpose, actually; no threats ever POSED

— no sense of alternative and tWisTy KisSeD desires, thanks for even starting to startle yourselves again

and listen
—- endlessly, even.