Wipe myself off, no time for soft touches anymore
Clean yourself down, no amount of time for all this clowning around
Dry those tears, attach our eager, pin-pricked ears and soar
Fix harassed brains all over again, RETRAIN, RETRAIN!
Rain rather ironically, they always did find two sallow minds to be better than one
Dance atop a misguided sun
I’m gonna swing from the moon even if it’s still a little distant
Still too soon
No-more waiting about, map out every god-forsaken route
Step on up to the magnificent truth
Open the night right up
Own it, let us all in
Forget our ‘sins’ and get ready to soar all over again
‘Til memories appear to be nothing but that of a wilted flower
Fade to black
Beautiful for all intents and purposes
Mesmerisingly destined – we look, we point, in unmistakably questionable jest
Just who is it we look to impress!?