He is oh so typically nowhere to be seen – a gargantuan head dug deep within the sand
Time sure has run its rather nasty course, and we don’t suppose he’ll be back again
These mammoth hands do tend to take it upon themselves to ferociously tremble
Remember when he attempted to amount to almost everything, a tremendous host with something of a soliloquy ability to tapestry the whole damn event – courageously implemented ten times over, nowhere near sober enough anymore
These lukewarm J.D and Cokes choking an otherwise altogether radiant being, needless to mention the cutting Marlboro smokes that will continue to soak his lungs to the screaming core
He’s seen it all and is seemingly taking it upon said self to fail to pour once more – didn’t he tell us right from the harrowing beginning that it had all been intricately stored one place or another!?
We can only ever hope for this lifelong battle to soar like a piercingly anecdotal eagle before it turns out too little, too late
Fuck this reckless fate and the shoddy cards that he’s had the ultimate misfortune of being all too deceitfully played
Please, say it ain’t so…

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