I’ve watched you cry very nearly a thousand times before
Seen these silkened tears tremendously cascade whilst they choose to endlessly splay themselves fair evenly all over this constant place – haphazardous for sure
Nonetheless, your silhouetted body carries an oh so beautifully pure nature within, and we do feel that we might just need to get to see a little or a whole lot more of the same
It’s a crying shame indeed, if you don’t mind me dabbling in saying, that your personality, these rather commissioned emotions altogether tend to wax and severely wane – a bipolar empire on dry ice if you might like
We doubt you will ever like anything, of course
For you tend to curse when you smile
Because if we could bottle all of it we surely would
So, please, never, ever in a livelong day attempt to wipe away these fledgling tears
Let that undoubtedly momentary albeit absolutely savoury fret parade it’s every single sincere and rapturously broken wit ’til not a dry eye will remain in this besieged home
Not a roaming mouse will figure to make a sudden murmur, not so much as a begrudging and figurative stir as such, preferring to secretly get to see then magically, almost devotedly, feel all of your freeze-frame being – seems you’re entirely universal, everybody’s supposed somebody
And all of it in an incredibly fathomable instance – far more descriptive than anything wholeheartedly disregarded by your wicker pen and by its tirelessly hopeful, never-ending fiction

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