She will need to be honest with herself here – how on earth could she not be
This barbaric existence has curtailed a wandering mind, a brain filled with excitable and intricate reason aside manic energy
Only preposterously sullied by something that no-one can care to remember but she
And why should they have to, this her battle to bear, unwillingly prepared to dip a toe and feel all of nothing – when time took off and failed to bring her with it
She cries soon as she speaks
When, really, it shoulda, coulda, woulda been oh so marvellously lavish for its faults ‘n’ all
There’s a large and gaping hole where her fledgling heart used to be – a personality tapped and shamed, tamed against its outrageous will
Still begging to breathe, fallen to its shackled feet
Seems no-one ever plans for the unimaginable
Agonising to say so much, but what will be will inordinately be